EDUCATION: B.S. Agricultural Communications
EXPERIENCE: I earned a degree in agricultural communications in 2006, and have quite an interest in business and agricultural reporting. However, I will take virtually any position except sports, considering I have little experience. I interned at the Guthrie News Leader in Guthrie, Okla. in 2005, writing on myriad topics from business and ag to hard news and feature stories. I wrote and edited a story for Cowboy Journal in 2005, a publication of the College of Ag at OSU, and currently write for Real Life, a church magazine for First Baptist Church, Orlando.
COMMENTS: I am living on Orlando, Fla. at the moment, but intend to return to Oklahoma by the end of the year, and the sooner the better.
NAME: Everett Brazil
PHONE: (405) 990-4960
STREET ADDRESS: 5176 Millenia Blvd., Apt. 107, Orlando, Fl 32839