Salary Requested:  Negotiable
Education:  BSN-Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville 1984
United States Air Force Nurse Internship -1985-86
Experience:  Writing Experience: Since 1987 I have written for the National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs' in a quarterly publication : Notebook.
1997-2001 - District Reporter
2001-2007 - Feature Writer
2007-2012 -Resource  Publications Coordinator
I also am in the process of publishing a small book of poetry, written when I was in high school.
Name: Debbie Ciardi
Phone:  (405) 360--5017
609 Heatherhill Dr.
Norman, Oklahoma 73072
Email Address:  Ciardi6@gmail.com
Other Comments:  Though I hold a degree in nursing; my first love has always been writing. I have been out of the paid work force since moving to Oklahoma in 1991. My husband  I have 4 daughters; ages 22, 17, and identical twins 16. I want to return to work to help with college expenses. I want to be able to start working/writing as soon as possible.