Weekly Sales Manager

City: Tulsa
Newspaper: Tulsa World - Oklahoma Weekly Group
Job Description: Berkshire Hathaway Media Group (www.bhmginc.com) is ready to hire a Weekly Sales Manager who brings a sense of community, energy, and integrity to our sales initiatives for our group of seven Tulsa area weekly community newspapers. This position will be responsible for managing the weekly group sales and advertising staff. In addition to having a minimum of 3 years of sales/advertising experience, weekly publication experience, and/or a strong background with TMC, the successful candidate will be able to:
• Lead all sales initiatives for the weekly publications and TMC.
• Regularly meet and collaborate with all levels of sales and marketing staff.
• Mentor sales staff by going on daily sales calls with reps.
• Read, interpret, and communicate financial information to the sales team in a way that motivates team members to reach sales goals.
• Demonstrate print and digital methods that drive sales revenues to help local businesses connect with their customer audience.
• Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills through interaction with all areas & levels within the company.
• Present a professional and helpful behavior and attitude to customers, peers, and staff.
Contact: Interested candidates should go to https://bhmedia.silkroad.com/epostings/ to learn more.