State Question Summary Available

OPA provides member papers with camera-ready material showing State Questions as they will appear on the general election ballot in November, and a plain-language summary of each question. There are seven state questions before the voters on November 8.  
This year OPA  cooperated in an effort coordinated by the League of Women Voters, along with KOSU, OETA, Tyler Media, KGOU, Oklahoma Watch, The Oklahoman, and the Kirkpatrick Foundation to produce a 2016 Oklahoma Voter Guide.  The summary statement in their voter guide is identical to the summary provided by OPA.  We also used some art elements provided by the coalition.

Four full-page sizes are available for OPA members to download. Please choose the size that best fits your newspaper or adjust as necessary.  The material is also available in text form if you want to use this in a locally-produced voter guide or need to design your own pages.
To download the full-page summary of the state questions, click here: