September 2007

Weekly Winner
The Tecumseh Countywide News

Fallin, soldiers send huge flag off to war zone
When Tecumseh held its Fourth of July celebration, a giant flag of paper squares representing the American flag was created. Messages to the troops were written by Tecumseh residents on each square. Gloria Trotter, co-publisher of The Tecumseh Countywide News, and the Tecumseh Chamber of Commerce arranged for Rep. Mary Fallin to dedicate the flag. In addition, Fallin spoke on her experiences of touring the war zone in Iraq. An article and photo spread in the Countywide News detailed Fallin’s visit. The flag is now in the hands of a Tecumseh soldier who will take the flag with him when he is deployed.

Daily Winner
Muskogee Phoenix
Lack of diverse educators leads to learning gap
Muskogee Public School’s black students aren’t faring well, Cathy Spaulding wrote in a September article in the Muskogee Phoenix. Among the articles’ statistics, Spaulding found that 2006 state tests show blacks ranking below all minorities in all subjects and in all grade levels tested. Spaulding talked to the Oklahoma Education Association President, who said that the learning disparity is more due to poverty than race. Former Muskogee administrator Cedric Johnson, vice president of the Muskogee NAACP, said that more minority teachers could help close the achievement gap. Also included with the article were several tables showing test results broken down by race.