Reach out to young readers on Constitution Day

Constitution and Citizenship Day will be recognized in most schools on Tuesday, Sept. 17 . Schools that receive federal funding are required to teach about the U.S. Constitution on that day.

Your newspaper can assist your local schools by publishing this quarter-page feature about the Constitution on or before Sept. 17. NIE features like these encourage children and current readers to interact with your newspaper.  The feature is provided exclusively to OPA members and "For the Kid in You" subscribers.

DOWNLOAD the Constitution Day Feature in the appropriate size for your newspaper. 

To be published on or before Sept. 17:

» 5.75 x 10.5 CMYK

» 5.75 x 10.5 B&W

This quarter-page activity is provided by "For the Kid in You" and Wylie Communications. To learn how to include "For the Kid in You" features in your newspaper every week, contact Other NIE materials for newspapers and teachers are available at