Proof of Publication

Newspapers usually provide a proof of publication after a legal notice has been published. This allows the government and other bodies to verify that the notice was published and to have proof of that publication. Signatures on the Proof of Publication must be original – stamped signatures are not allowed.

Paginated Proofs of Publication:

Creating proofs of publication completely within a pagination program can save a large amount of time and work normally spent cutting and pasting clippings from the newspaper. Instead of gluing a clipping to the proof, copy the text from your pagination program (such as InDesign or Quark) into the blank space on your Proof of Publication form, or on an attached sheet of paper. Fully paginated proofs of publication are accepted by the government and other entities.

If a proof of publication is contested, the actual clipping would be required. The completeness of your newspaper’s file storage of previous issues should determine if you proceed with fully paginated proofs.

Questions About Notaries:

Contact the Notary Department, Secretary of State of Oklahoma, 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd., Room 101, Oklahoma City, OK 73105-4897 or phone (405) 521-2516 or visit the Web site at