Photographer - Videographer / Journalist

Salary Requested:  Negotiable 40+
Education:  I have a background in Video Production and writing from AILV and UNLV in Las Vegas, as well as, a Professional Studio Photographer position in Orlando, FL.  I have extensive knowledge of various editing and production media such as, Photoshop CS3 and Flash, linear/ non-linear tools and knowledge of Mac and PC.
Experience:  I have real world experience in travelling and finding compelling stories to pursue.  I have worked with various types of photographic equipment such as Canon, Olympus and Pentax digital SLR cameras and editing software such as Adobe Photoshop CS3.  I also have experience shooting and editing in film.
Name:  Paul Farmer
Phone Number:  (407) 619-9107
Address:  Edmond Oklahoma
Email Address: