Part-Time Adv. Assistant, Designer or Clerical

Salary Requested:  Nego.
Education:  Communications
Seeking part-time print position in Metro OKC, 10-20 hours per week max. More than 10 yrs exp. in print/publishing (newsprint  glossy), 9 yrs exp. in Web and social/interactive media, 5 years exp. general small business marketing. Vast knowledge of print, Web and broadcast mediums.
Have been out of industry for 2 years, but looking to get back on a part-time basis. Up-to-date, expert-level experience in Adobe, Macromedia and Microsoft products. Skilled, expert user of all versions QuarkXPress. Varied experience across all departments: editorial, composing, advertising and administration.
Impressive resumé and portfolio available for review. E-mail me with a job description, questions or for more information.
City : Oklahoma City
Email Address: