Open Meeting Open Record Seminars

Attorney General Mike Hunter and the Oklahoma Press Association hosted six Open Meeting Open Records Seminars across the state between September and December 2017.  These free sessions were designed to deal directly with questions and concerns about Oklahoma's Open Meeting and Records Acts.  

Abby Dillsaver, General Counsel to the Attorney General presented the requirements on access to public records and the conduct of public meetings in depth.  Click here to view the slideshow presentation.

Open Meetings, Open Records Book


The 21st edition of the Open Meeting Open Records Act book will be available in January 2019. Pre-order yours today! To order, fill out the PDF form and return to Oklahoma Press by faxing to 405-499-0048.

21st OPEN MEETING Order Form.pdf

Published by Oklahoma Press Service, Inc.

Publication Includes:

  • Complete text of Open Meeting and Open Records acts, as amended, and "Newsman's Privilege" statute
  • Concise digest of all related court decisions and attorney general opinions
  • Foreword by Attorney General Drew Edmondson
  • Section dividers for easy reference
  • Thorough index and notes

The Oklahoma Open Meeting and Open Records Book is essential for anyone in government, journalism, law or public affairs – as well as an ideal resource for students