October 2007

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Oologah Lake Leader

Dog Iron Days deliver
With summer floods and a couple of popular restaurants closing, 2007 was a tough year for tourism in Oologah. Floods from excess rains hurt the Memorial Day and July 4 holidays at area lakes. When summer passed, no more special events had been planned to draw visitors to the town. Since Oologah-Talala schools hadn’t held homecoming with class reunions in years, Lake Leader Marketing and NIE Director Carolyn Estes decided to chair a two-day festival that combined a homecoming for alumni with an official Oklahoma Centennial Event. Estes, a former president of the Oologah Chamber of Commerce, created the 2007 Dog Iron Days. The Lake Leader covered the event with a 20-page special edition.

Daily Winner
Muskogee Phoenix
Is city too aggressive in demolition plan?
In Muskogee, a city council plan is under way to clean up and reclaim neighborhoods by demolishing dilapidated structures. Around 30 to 40 structures, including houses, are demolished each quarter in an effort to boost pride of town residents, reduce crime and increase property values. However, as Muskogee writer D.E. Smoot found, some responsible homeowners have been lumped in with those who haven’t kept up their properties. In the Oct. 7 article, Smoot reported on one Muskogee resident who has a rental property that was placed on the demolition list. Smoot also talked to city officials, who face several challenges in contacting property owners and identifying property.