November Editorial Winner

I vote God's way

Paul Laubach, Hennessey Clipper

Ten years ago I ran for the Oklahoma House of Representatives as a Democrat. I was humbled to carry Seiling, Canton, and my hometown of
Okeene. The majority of the district voted against me.
Since that time I’ve been blessed with enough success in the oil and gas business to invest in newspapers. What a great investment. Now every night I pray that Maria doesn’t leave me. Apparently managing newspapers is even more fun than calving out heifers.
One memory from my campaign experiences frequented my mind as I watched my good friend Joe Dorman lose his bid to become Oklahoma’s Governor last week.
Ten years ago somebody sent me an anonymous, hand written letter that simply stated, “I vote God’s way.”
Since I was running as a Democrat I was, of course, running on the devil’s platform.
Are not all Democrats nonrepenting sinners and Republicans natural saints?
A couple of years ago I switched my party registration to Independent. With the reflection of my political views and the constant partisan bickering between the parties, I finally realized that I didn’t belong to any political party.
Yet I’m still pretty political, but don’t ask my wife about that.
I often vote for Republicans because their policies are good for my pocketbook. Less taxes and less government really does help private business. When I vote Republican it has nothing to do with voting God’s way. I vote Republican because it’s good for Paul’s way.
My friend Joe lost his election bid much for the same reason that I did 10 years ago.
Joe ran as a Democrat.
Last week was not a good election night for Democratic candidates.
President Obama’s championed Obamacare has taken the Democratic Party to new lows. Obamacare is founded in the concept that the young and healthy and those better off should help pay for healthcare for the sick and poor. What a despicable concept.
More than 2000 years ago a wealthy man, a follower of God’s law, asked our Lord Jesus Christ what he must do to inherit eternal life.
Our Lord answered in Luke Chapter 18, Verse 22: “Yet lackest thou one thing: sell all that thou hast, and distribute unto the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come, follow me.”
The wealthy man walked away “sorrowful.”
I am a flawed man.
I do not follow all of God’s law faithfully.
Even as I have accepted God’s gift of salvation I still walk away many times as “sorrowful.” I enjoy what material wealth I have been blessed with.
Last week I voted for my friend Joe to the contrary of Paul’s way.
Joe has not only followed God’s law more than I, he has the better heart.
Joe ran on expanding Medicaid coverage in Oklahoma to help thousands of Oklahomans gain health care coverage. Joe was accurately tied to supporting
President Obama’s most infamous public policy when he did that.
Joe Dorman may never possess material wealth. Joe works hard and is plenty smart enough to be successful in business, but my bet is Joe will just find another way to serve the people.
There is comfort for me to know that both Joe and I have accepted the salvation provided by our Lord’s grace.
Joe’s treasures in heaven will likely outnumber mine.
I wish Governor Mary Fallin a prosperous and successful second term. All Oklahomans should unite around her. She will be good for business.
I’m proud to have supported my friend Joe. And since my hypocrisy knows no bounds, I will even declare that every once in awhile.
I vote God’s way!

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