November 2007

Weekly Winner
The Perkins Journal

'Angels' help youth recover
Cindy Sheets, editor of The Perkins Journal, described the plight of a Perkins boy fighting chronic fatigue and pain. After overcoming mononucleosis and meningitis, Ty Dilley’s health crashed. It was then that Dilley was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Sheets told of how a group of pilots, known as Angel Flight, flew Dilley to Dallas 14 times to receive treatment. Angel Flight arranges free air transportation for those in dire medical need who can’t afford trips to see medical specialists. Dilley now leads a normal, active life of a 15-year-old boy.

Daily Winner
Muskogee Phoenix
Learning disabilities have effects after school ends
Muskogee Phoenix staff writer Cathy Spaulding profiled one Muskogee adult with learning disabilities and the negative effects it has had in his professional life. Spaulding talked with several local experts on the subject. Her article reported that being tested to find out what form of learning disability someone has is vital in getting what’s needed for professional success. Spaulding also provided a list of common signs to help spot learning disabilities.