Newspapers in Education

Newspapers in Education is a partnership between newspapers and schools in which teachers use classroom newspapers to teach multiple subjects – history, English, social science, math, economics, composition, journalism and government – at all grade levels.

Benefit to students and community:

  • Sharpens thinking skills
  • Increases student’s interest and motivation by providing study materials relevant to their lives
  • Prepares students for active citizenship in their democracy
  • Helps prepare students for state and national standardized tests

Benefit to newspapers:

  • Encourages long-term readership. Studies have shown that the most avid newspaper readers began reading the newspaper and using it as a resource early in life
  • Increases circulation. Schools may require thousands of copies per week or month
  • Improves public and community relations
  • Increases revenue through special sections and a guaranteed audience through NIE

NIE Guide

Click here to access materials that you can use in your NIE program as well as newspaper activities for teachers to use in the classroom. OPA members are welcome to customize the materials, add your paper's logo, etc. 

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