May 2016 Column Winner

Time well spent with our family
Tracie Macy, The Hennessey Clipper

This past Sunday we laid to rest my Great Aunt Edna. She was 98 years young.
As they spoke about her life, it was as if God was sending me a message.
She spent most mornings outdoors in her flower beds and most afternoons baking with family in the kitchen.
The grand-kids talked about how much fun it was to help her in the kitchen and how wonderful all her cooking was.
She and her sister, my grandmother Irene, have that in common.
They are both wonderful cooks. I think that came from years of barely getting by and having to make-do with what they had to eat.
I was thinking about her routine and all the fun stories her kids and grand-kids told when the message God was sending hit me. What is my routine and what will my family remember about me?
As many others have, I have taken to my phone and ipad on a daily basis. A habit that I need to break.
If I died tomorrow, what would my kids remember about me?
That I sat around in my living room playing games or watching TV?
Tears flooded my eyes. I was filled with sorrow not only for the loss of a great woman, but for a loss that I could prevent. The loss of my ability to spend time with my family.
So starting today I’m going to make an effort to put the electronics down and spend more time with my loved ones.
I want there to be wonderful memories shared at my funeral and smiles on faces while they’re being told.
Leave it to Aunt Edna to teach me something even in her death.
To make sure my time is well spent, just as her time was.

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1. Tracie Macy wrote:
Thank you so much for the honor. There were tears shed in writing this, and even more now that I have the privilege to win this award. It makes it even more special that it was about a beautiful woman teaching me something even in death. Thank you again. Tracie

Wed, July 20, 2016 @ 4:10 PM

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