Managing Editor

City:  Seiling, Oklahoma
Newspaper:  Trail Miller Co., LLC
Salary:  Negotiable base salary plus incentive and bonuses pay with benefits based on experience.
Job Description:  Trail Miller Co. LLC is seeking a managing editor for The Dewey County Record. The editor will be responsible for reporting on all aspects of the Seiling and Dewey County market, including hard news, features, enterprise stories and investigative pieces, and all copy editing. In addition the position will require working with our advertising staff and other company personnel. Qualified candidates should have a degree in journalism/mass communications or a related field (Agriculture Communications), or comparable actual job experience. Preference will be given to those with experience in reporting and editing pursuant to AP style guidelines as well as those that possess experience with Adobe Creative Suite software including InDesign CS5.5 and Photoshop. Experience with InDesign CS software is not required. Experience with Microsoft Office software (i.e. Word and Excel) is required. The Managing Editor will work with our reporters and other staff and must be a team player. Our company is looking to expand and we want to find a career driven person that can help our company grow. Living in Seiling is not required but will help make job performance easier.
Contact:  Interested applicants should submit a resume and professional writing clips to Managing Publisher Paul Laubach at or call Paul at (405) 664-7743.