Managing Editor

City: Tulsa, OK
Company: Noria Corporation
Salary Range: Commensurate with experience
Job Description: This full-time position involves coordinating most aspects of publishing a bi-monthly full-color magazine and its associated email newsletters and websites. Candidates should have strong writing, interviewing, editing and proofreading skills, the ability to set and meet strict deadlines, strong online publishing skills, the ability to communicate effectively, and demonstrated experience in editing. Some travel required.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
• Oversee the production, printing, and distribution of six issues per year of Machinery Lubrication magazine.
• Strive to produce a publication that will proactively market the best qualities of Noria Corporation and help further develop the various roles of industrial machinery lubrication. Maintain high standards for writing, photography, art, and design.
• Develop and regularly update a six issue plan for Machinery Lubrication’s case studies, feature articles, columns and departments. Develop a plan for each issue.
• Write feature articles and case studies and assign articles and departments to in-house and external writers.
• Edit feature articles, and other magazine copy for content, style, and length.
• In consultation with Noria designers, plan and guide the execution of photography and illustrations for each issue.
• Create content and/or find content for each e-mail newsletter that Noria publishes.
• Keep all stages of the magazine on schedule, based on timelines set with the sales, production and creative managers.
• Oversee all aspects of internal and external design, production, proofreading, and printing. Evaluate finished design for clarity and effectiveness. Thoroughly proof page proofs and color proofs to assure that they are complete and free of mechanical and typographic errors.
• Assist with finding and managing speakers at Noria conferences.
• Other duties as assigned.
Contact: Send cover letter and resume to