June Editorial Winner

She said she was sorry. Enough is Enough.

NANCY KLETECKA, Guymon Daily Herald

It never ceases to amaze me how in just the turn of a head something small can be blown up into a major catastrophe. Yes, I am referring to Paula Deen.
She said something absolutely horrible almost 30 years ago! She also said she was sorry. Hmmmmm.... that's much better than "I most certainly did not sleep with that woman," or testifying under oath about a "creepy a%%#! cracker"!
No apologies given in either of those cases!
I guess I am just too far out of the racial loop, I mean I don't even know what a "cracker" is other than I have been told that it is a derogatory word for a white person. So okay, Treyvon's witness not only called Zimmerman a derogatory white name, she didn't even get his race right to begin with?
To me "cracker" is best served with cheese or milk - not as a racial slur.
The mainstream media said Paula is being sued by a former employee.. .. Okay, call me a crazy cracker, but is it possible this employee just saw the mother lode? (That isn't racist is it?) I would be willing to bet they saw a successful businesswoman and thought they would make a quick buck in the court room. Haven't seen that before have we?
Bad taste? Most definitely!
Wrong choice of words - absolutely! Reason for slapping the chains on her? I hardly think so! She apologized! How many others who have done this or worse have ever said those two words - ''I'm sorry"? Not many I would venture to guess. I am so tired of racism! And that goes for anybody who is white, black, brown, purple or green with yellow polka dots! Enough is enough! And quit using the rae ism card to make money! All that does is keep racism alive and sick! No, it is not well, there is nothing "well" about racism.
Even the Rev. Jesse Jackson (who I sometimes wonder if he is stirring the pot more than he is trying to level it out), told the Associated Press Deen can be "redeemed and that even if she has become an emblem of racial intolerance, she shouldn't be a sacrificial lamb." I have friends of all colors - some who may even be a little green (oh wait, that's me because I am part Irish).
I don't ask them to check their color at the door nor do I like or dislike them because of it. I like them because of who they are as people. Although it is a little irritating that some don't have to worry as much about their tan as I do. Or the ones whose blond highlights didn't come from a box! Wow! I really hate that! Love them anyway! Enough is enough! Paula didn't shoot anybody. Paula didn't whip anybody. Paula didn't steal. Paula used a bad choice of words. And it wasn't even yesterday. It was almost 30 years ago! Seriously! Do we not have better things to worry about than that?
Let's all try to remember that God made all of us - not just some of us - all of us! And it is people of all colors who work side by side when someone is in need. It is people of all colors who fight side by side for what is right. People of all colors - we all bleed the same color so what difference does it make what shade we are on the outside? It only matters what is inside. And I can tell you this for certain - there are a lot more rancid people out there whose inside color is much worse than anything Paula Deen could ever even dream of cooking up!
Enough is enough

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