June 2008

Weekly Winner
Countywide & Sun

Is Tecumseh-Shawnee water tiff near end?
by Wayne Trotter

     Nearly 20 years ago, the City of Tecumseh signed an agreement with the City of Shawnee and a third party to help build a new reservoir. It was a complicated deal, perhaps too complicated for some of the city officials who had to approve it.
     "Although I strongly supported the concept of increasing Tecumseh's water supply, I had read that contract over and over and was convinced Tecumseh was about to make a huge $2 million mistake," wrote Trotter in the June 26 publication of the Countywide & Sun.
     Trotter discussed how it took him little time to realize the contract had serious flaws.
     For 20 years Trotter lobbied a series of city managers in both cities as well as members of both cities governing boards to take another look at the contract and consider amending it. Finally, the approval of an amended contract, expected to be approved at the August meeting, is fair to both cities, and could be the end to a long debacle.

Daily Winner
Muskogee Phoenix
Domestic violence has devastating effects
by Donna Hales

     Muskogee police say people from all walks of life - wives of local doctors, lawyers, bankers, businessmen, ministers, police officers - have been victims of domestic abuse in Muskogee, wrote Muskogee Phoenix staff writer Donna Hales.
     In the June 15 publication of the Phoenix, Hales reported on domestic violence and its devastating effects, along with an interview and pictures of a woman bruised and beaten.
     "Ronica Pickens, 24, has first-hand knowledge about domestic abuse and the trail of pain that it leaves in its wake," wrote Hale.
     The heartfelt account and haunting images are a chilling reality brought to life and thrust into the public eye. Hales also included hotline numbers and general information about domestic violence, as well as a call to action to help or donate through WISH (Women in Safe Home).
     An added report by Hale showed that one in five high school students report abuse. Within the story Hales described other components that contribute to abuse, or how abuse can affect teens that date, and services available to restart lives.