HONOR FLIGHT - Sept. 25, 2012

Photos, cutlines and story from the September 25, 2012, Oklahoma Honor Flight are available below. The story and all photos are by Jerry Wofford, Tulsa World staff writer. Wofford accompanied the veterans on the Sept. 25 trip, which left from Tulsa, on behalf of the Oklahoma Press Association.

  • Main Story - Sept. 25, 2012 Honor Flight

    BY JERRY WOFFORD, Tulsa World staff writer
    for the Oklahoma Press Association

    WASHINGTON – James Vaughn spent five days lost and alone in the snowy Alps after bailing out of his B-24 when a mechanical failure killed two of its engines.
    It was 1943 and Vaughn, of Okmulgee, was cold, tired and hungry. So, he thought the other person he saw in the snow was his mind playing tricks.
    He followed footsteps over a ridge and quickly realized it wasn’t an illusion.
  • Honor Flight Photos

    Following are photos available to use with the Honor Flight article. For a generic or group photo to use with the article, look for photos labeled GENERIC or GROUP. Photos of individual veterans have the name of the city the veteran is from.

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