Freelance Writer and Media Consultant

Salary Requested:  TBD
Education:  B.A. in Mass Communications (University of Central Oklahoma)
A.A. in Journalism with Honors (Oklahoma City Community College)
Experience:  ionOklahoma
Oklahoma Gazette
The Oklahoman
The Working Press
Unity News
The Vista
UPI Collegiate
Name: M.A. Smith
Phone Number:  (405) 757-7019
Address: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Email Address:
Other Comments:  M.A. Smith provides a variety of media consulting and independent journalism services. As a journalist, Smith understands the need to get your name out there. He writes award winning press releases, body copy and articles that fits your needs. But, it doesn’t stop there. Smith understands there is more to successful marketing strategies. He also offers basic publication layout and design, advertising design, media management, newsletters, social media marketing and WordPress services.
M.A. Smith takes YOUR business to the next level!