Entry level writer position

Salary Requested: starting
Education: B.A. English w/ a minor in political science-public admistration from University of Central Oklahoma and an A.S. in Public Service from Oklahoma State-Oklahoma City
Experience: Using the written word to express a theme, current event, or topic that is supported in a background of Oklahoma state and federal government, focusing on analysis of procedure, research, history, and public service bureaucracy. Training in classical British, American, and World literature, and the Indo-European languages that formed English.
Self trained in hardware maintenance and Windows applications from 2000 to 2009. This includes 2000/XP Home/ 7 Home editions. Professional editions are not much different so it will not be an issue. I have used Office 2003 Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with an understanding of its generational compatibility with 2007.
Name: Jeremy Newman
Phone: (405) 751-6709
700 NE 122nd St. Apt#4508
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73114
Email: jeremy1newman@yahoo.com
Other Comments: I am willing to learn and I have a passion for law and sports. It never tires. i just want a start.