Entry-Level Opening; Reporter; Editor; Volunteer Work

Salary Requested: Just need to get my foot in the door~
Education: B.A. Journalism, University of Oklahoma, May 2010
Experience: OU Daily; OU Nightly; The Blanchard News; OCCC Pioneer; blogger.com
Name: Shavon  Bowman
Phone Number: (405) 387-3282
Address: Newcastle, OK
Email: shavon.r.bowman-1@ou.edu
Other Comments: I am fresh out of college and need work/experience. Compensation is not as important to me as getting my career started. I've been on the job search for about six months now, and I'm more than willing to volunteer or do a ride-along in order to gain some ground. I've had interviews with a few companies but no job offers yet. My strongest asset is my writing ability. I love to write. My dream job would be reporting for a t.v. station. I can relocate anywhere (to include out-of-state) as long as it will get my foot in the door, so to speak. Also, thank you Oklahoma Press Association for your guidance on what to do in this struggling economy. I appreciate your efforts to assist entry-level journalists such as myself.