CITY: Blackwell, Oklahoma
NEWSPAPER/COMPANY:  Blackwell Journal-Tribune
DESCRIPTION: You are a person who can take a news release and find the real story in it. You are a person who knows that community journalism is the backbone of the business. You are a person who can overhear a conversation at a restaurant and write a news story out of it. You can write about a city meeting one minute and a family reunion the next. You can lay out a newspage that people want to read. If you meet those qualifications, we want to hear from you. We are a three-day-a-week newspaper in north central Oklahoma that is community news oriented. We want someone who wants to be a part of our team. Experience with page layout and design needed.
CONTACT: Send resumes and clips to Bruce Jones, Publisher, Blackwell Journal-Tribune, P.O. Box 760, Blackwell, OK 74631 or e-mail bjones@blackwelljournaltribune.net