Director (Administrative Officer) Student Media (SASM)

City: Norman, OK
Company: University of Oklahoma
Job Description: Direct all activities of Student Media, including The Oklahoma Daily newspaper (print and online editions), Sooner yearbook, an annual new student magazine and other special publications and projects.
Actively advise students working in the department in collaboration with the department's other professional advising staff.
Prepare, monitor and manage the department's annual operating budget.
Provide long-term vision for the department including a strategic plan/business plan.
Collaboratively work with professional staff and the department's student leaders to set goals for the department and then monitor those goals and measure effectiveness through a department assessment plan.
Work collaboratively with the dean and faculty of the Gaylord College of Journalism to ensure the best possible student experience for students working in Student Media. This may include teaching for the college.
Actively engage alumni through mentoring and fundraising initiatives.
Serve as a member of the Student Affairs' management team; co-program with Student Affairs or other university departments as may be appropriate for the accomplishment of the University's mission.
Experience with university-level student development and/or teaching preferred.
Required Education and Experience: Bachelor's degree. 60 months full-time experience in all aspects of student media management including financial, news, advertising, personnel training and management. Working knowledge of publication/media operations, platforms and software.
Contact: Interested candidates must submit a complete online application along with a cover letter explaining interest in the position and salary history and requirements. To see the listing on the OU Human Resources webpage, go to
At the bottom of the page is a link to fill out the online application (must login to complete online application; new applicants will need to create an application).