Digital Sales Manager

City: Tulsa, OK
Newspaper: Tulsa World
Job Description: The Digital Sales Manager will direct and supervise all activities of the Digital Sales Group. Will participate in the development and maintenance of procedures within the Advertising Digital department and develop and execute sales and marketing strategies which enable Tulsa World Media Company to maintain and increase its digital market share. Principle additional duties include employee growth, development and recruitment. Work along- side ad sales management team and sales professionals to develop strategies to maximize advertising investment for both existing and new advertisers. Motivate and mentor staff and increase each individual team member’s performance through extensive training, ride alongs, coaching, training and mentoring. Work with teams so that budgeted revenue goals are achieved.
Education and/or Experience:
1. Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university or equivalent experience in online media sales management environment preferred.
2. Previous leadership/supervisory position within a sales/customer service environment.
3. Online advertising and marketing sales experience.
4. Solid working knowledge and understanding of inside/outside advertising sales processes, procedures, and systems.
5. Proven successful sales performance/sales leadership background. Previous sales supervisory/management experience.
Contact: Please send your resume to