December 2007

Weekly Winner
Oologah Lake Leader

Tax hike plan surprises voters
In news analysis and editorial, Oologah Lake Leader Publisher John M. Wylie II laid out the facts of a secretive tax hike that would soon hit election ballots. A Dec. 11, 2007, election would go on the ballot with a grant to give Northeast Technology Center a $4.4 million a year levy. A second question on the ballot would make the levy permanent. Wylie’s investigation revealed that NTC had tried to keep the levy a secret. The Dec. 9, 2007, ice storm cancelled the election. The Lake Leader’s findings of the proposed election also came as news to many local public officials.

Daily Winner
The Norman Transcript
Icy weather hammers Cleveland County
The Norman Transcript covered the Dec. 9, 2007, ice storm that left thousands in Norman without power and forced Norman Public Schools to close for one week. The Transcript’s office was without power for the first two days of the storm and was forced to print off site at the Edmond Sun. Various stories and pictures through the month of December tracked the cleanup process. December’s stories included how the city council considered debris cleanup bids, county election board holding elections while without power and a cave-in of a middle school gymnasium roof.