CITY:  Oklahoma City
COMPANY:  Public Strategies, Inc.
JOB DESCRIPTION: The Copywriter/Editor is a consumer writer/editor with marketing skills and the ability to write and edit for a public audience. 
Essential Job Functions: Creates text for advertisements, promotional brochures, Internet content, press releases, articles, bulletins, speeches and other public relations outlets; Interacts with a team of partners, other copywriters, graphic designers, and managers; Rewrites and adapts material for alternative formats; Obtains additional background and current development information through research and interview; Checks material to correct errors in grammar, spelling, usage, style and fact
EDUCATION/TRAINING: BA Journalism, English, Marketing, or related field
EXPERIENCE: A minimum of 2-3 years consumer marketing experience; Highly proficient in MS Office; Working knowledge of various styles of writing (AP, APA, MLA, Web, etc)
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Excellent organizational, communication and analytical skills; Strong attention to detail and excellent follow-through; Ability to meet tight deadlines; Multilingual (Spanish) is desirable; Familiarity with the functionality of online social networking for a business environment is a plus