Copy Editor/Page Designer

City:  Oklahoma City
Newspaper:  The Journal Record
Salary Range:  $30,000-$34,000
Job Description & Requirements:  Are you a bit of a perfectionist? We hope so. We're looking for a copy editor and page designer who can make our pages and headlines so compelling people just can't wait to drop a few quarters in the newsrack.
Here's what we want you to do: Design great pages that help readers move through the paper; package news to help tell the story visually; and write headlines that demand subscribers read the copy under them. You also have to know the difference between effect and affect, when to spell out street and when to abbreviate it. If you're really, really good, you even notice when the reporter's math doesn't add up. You'll also be doing some first reads and should be comfortable asking reporters for additions, clarifications and, when necessary, complete re-writes. You'll select and edit some wire and art, too.
We're a five-day business daily, so the work week is Mon.-Fri. from late morning to early evening. The Journal Record is part of Dolan Media, so the job comes with all the usual benefits, including a 401(k).
Contact Information:  Send your resume, references, a couple of page designs and your salary requirements to Tell us how soon you would be able to start. And send your stuff quickly.