Chief Operating Officer

City: Norman, Oklahoma
Newspaper: Oklahoma Watch
Salary Range: Competitive, with benefits
Job Description: Oklahoma Watch is a nonprofit media organization that produces in-depth and investigative content on public-policy issues in the state. We focus on problems that affect the poor and the disadvantaged. We expose actions and inaction that hurt Oklahomans’ quality of life and we hold public leaders accountable. We also promote public discussion of the state’s most significant issues by conducting public forums and other events.
Oklahoma Watch is seeking a Chief Operating Officer to work with the Executive Editor to develop and carry out a business plan that will support aggressive growth of our mission. The COO will report to the Executive Editor and be involved in execution of strategies that build Oklahoma Watch’s efforts to increase fundraising and earned revenue and expand marketing and outreach. The job is a combination of roles – fundraiser, marketer and hands-on problem solver dealing with a wide range of tasks, from vendor negotiations to sponsorship recognition. A focus on using digital tools is a must. The best candidate will be energetic, creative, hard-working, personable and goal-oriented. He or she should be skilled at public relations and excel at oral and written communication. The COO will be expected to learn and use nonprofit development practices, able to work within a budget, be committed to making decisions based on data analysis, and appreciate the role of investigative reporting.
Duties: The Chief Operating Officer will work with the executive editor, staff members, consultants, board members and others to:
• Help draw up a multi-year business plan with specific goals for growth and diversity of funding, sponsorships and other earned revenue, and strategic spending that supports these goals and increases journalistic impact.
• Use or coordinate digital methods, apps, software and multimedia to execute revenue-raising and marketing strategies.
• Obtain underwriting sponsorships of events, data and other projects. This will involve creating a tiered plan for donations and incentives/rewards.
• Develop and carry out a marketing strategy to promote awareness of the Oklahoma Watch brand and its content.
• Launch and manage a system to recognize donors and sponsors through the Oklahoma Watch website(s), events and other communications. The system could involve web ads, signage, short videos, printed programs and social media. The COO will work with executive editor to address any technical issues and find the expertise to make it happen.
• Develop and execute a strategy for building membership, engaging those members and turning them into contributors. Tactics could include email and direct-mail outreach. Data analysis will be essential.
• Become a key part of a national network of nonprofit media outlets to share and learn about the latest trends and tactics in earned revenue and audience building. Apply what you learn to Oklahoma Watch.
Education required: Bachelor’s degree.
Location: The COO will work out of Oklahoma Watch’s main offices, located in the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Oklahoma.
Contact: Candidates should email a resume, accompanying materials or links, and references to Executive Editor David Fritze at