August 2007

Weekly Winner
The Tecumseh Countywide News

State’s tax system leaves some cities gasping for money
Wayne Trotter, publisher of The Tecumseh Countywide News, published a series of three articles revealing the results of a thorough study of Oklahoma tax statistics. Trotter revealed that a sizable disparity exists between which towns receive sales tax money. The Oklahoma sales tax system says that local sales taxes remain in the area where the sale was made. Trotter revealed that as a result, towns with large commercial centers, like Wal-Mart, get a higher percentage of sales tax money to provide civic services. Trotter also talked to local lawmakers and officials for their input on the issue.

Daily Winner
Muskogee Phoenix
200 wait for Head Start infant, toddler openings
Muskogee Phoenix Staff Writer Cathy Spaulding found that Muskogee County Head Start doesn’t have the money to serve as many children as officials would like. Spaulding’s article revealed that the program only has 60 spots for the infant and toddler program, but 200 people are waiting to get in to the program. To remedy the situation, Muskogee County Head Start has recently qualified for a U.S. Dept. of Education grant. To see how this affects different sides of the issue, Spaulding interviewed Muskogee’s Head Start manager, a director at another day care service and a mother currently using Head Start’s services.