Advertising Manager

City:  Oklahoma City
Newspaper:  Oklahoma Living magazine
Salary:  $50,000 to $80,000
Job Description:  Oklahoma Living's (OKL) Advertising Manager is responsible for generating new sales and maintaining an existing base of advertisers for the monthly print magazine as well as online advertisements. OKL's Advertising Manager will create and maintain relationships with advertisers and potential advertisers as well as represent OKL at community events, trade shows and/or educational event opportunities. The Advertising Manager will report to OAEC's Director of Public Relations, Communications and Research.
Specific Duties & Responsibilities:
- Maintain OKL's existing base of loyal advertisers;
- Recruit and solicit potential display advertisers located throughout the state of Oklahoma and across the nation into the monthly magazine;
- Work closely with OKL staff to implement and grow the magazine's 'Online Advertising & Sponsorship Plan;'
- Recruit and assist in the design and editing of both new and existing magazine advertisements and online sponsorships for the OKL website and digital platforms;
- Provide oversight for a comprehensive electronic Advertiser Database;
- Work closely with OKL's contract graphic artist/ad designer;
- Work closely with OAEC's accounting department to ensure advertiser payments as well as monthly ad sales lists and placements for billing purposes;
- Work closely with OKL's Editorial Staff to proof ads being placed in the magazine each month;
- Coordinate, maintain and process OKL's Trading Post advertisements (classified advertising);
- Coordinate the creation of an annual OKL Media Kit;
- Represent OKL and recruit new advertisers at trade shows or other educational display opportunities where the magazine will be exhibited and promoted;
- Work closely with Editorial Staff to develop and create short video segments promoting selected advertisers from the magazine;
- Coordinate with OKL Editorial Staff to identify potential advertising opportunities with various story-related interests included in the magazine's current Editorial Calendar;
- The OAEC Director of Public Relations, Communications and Research may assign other duties and responsibilities.
Broad knowledge in the field of print advertising with proven leadership capabilities is required. Bachelor's degree in related field preferred. Candidates who do not hold a bachelor's degree but have an equivalent combination of experience in sales, marketing and advertising fields may be considered for the position.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
- Team executing, coaching, ability to train and develop others, problem solving, delegation and ability to work with diverse clientele;
- Sales initiative, build and maintain advertiser relationships;
- Excellent written, oral and interpersonal communication skills;
- Excellent organization and time-management skills, including ability to multi-task and meet strict deadlines;
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite;
- High degree of energy, creativity, initiative and flexibility;
- Physical demands include traveling throughout the state of Oklahoma as well as occasional traveling to attend conferences at locations in Oklahoma and throughout the United States. Must be physically able to use a computer and set up OKL displays at events.
Compensation may be negotiable based on experience. Salary range is $50,000 to $80,000. This position is NOT commission-based; however, the job does offer bonuses for reaching targeted advertising goals.
Contact:  Interested Applicants: Submit a resume, cover letter, portfolio and a minimum of two (2) letters of reference by Friday, March 16, 2018, via mail or e-mail to:
Sid Sperry, Director of Public Relations, Communications and Research
Oklahoma Association of Electric Cooperatives, P.O. Box 54309, Oklahoma City, OK 73154-1309