Ad Placement

Placing a large advertising buy can be overwhelming. At Oklahoma Press Service we specialize in making it easy for you. We know everything there is to know about newspapers: publication days, column size, rates and requirements. So next time you have a newspaper order on your desk, give us a call and we’ll take it from there.

Oklahoma Press Service has answers to questions you have about setting up an interactive advertising campaign. Account executives at OPS will show you the benefits of advertising on newspaper websites, and provide you with facts you need to make an informed decision. Ask your OPS representative about ad sizes, available programs and pricing.

Call one of our representatives for a fast quote on any size ad in any combination of newspapers across the nation. Then, simply e-mail your creative as a PDF to If you don’t already have camera-ready art available, our Creative Services department can assist you.

We will distribute your ad to the newspapers you specify, provide digital proof of publication, and invoice you for the total amount due. We will pay each paper its portion. It’s that easy!

Our name may be Oklahoma Press Service, but that doesn’t mean we can’t place your ad in any paper across the nation. In conjunction with other press associations across the United States we can simplify even your largest national ad buy.

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