• March 2018 Column Winner

    A response to Parkland: We have to start somewhere
    John A. Small, Johnston County Sentinel

    I was going through my e-mails Monday morning when I came across a message from one of my more faithful readers, one who has been following this column for more years now than I have fingers and toes to count on. (That may come as a surprise to some people, but I do have a few readers like that.)  Read More...

  • March 2018 Editorial Winner

    What goes around comes around
    Wayne Trotter, Countywide & Sun

    Most politicians like the phrase “what goes around comes around.” It is easy to understand and fits nicely in whatever Mr. or Ms. Politico may be supporting or opposing this particular week. If you don’t use it more than two times an hour or wisely change audiences every 15 minutes, you can make the phrase sound downright intelligent, giving you a good shot at reaching that political dream of fooling most of the people most of the time.  Read More...

  • February 2018 Column Winner

    My father was a very mean man
    Kati Gibson, The Chelsea Reporter

    My father was a very mean man.
    And I can say that. Oh, I would hear the bits of yelling and arguing from time to time when I was young, but it wasn’t until he left us for his secretary that things got real. I was six years old.   Read More...

  • February 2018 Editorial Winner

    A defining moment
    Wayne Trotter, Countywide & Sun

    Governance Oklahoma Style has followed a frustrating pattern in the last few years. In the chill of each successive winter, Republican Gov. Mary Fallin, Tecumseh’s favorite daughter, would open a new session of the legislature by reminding its members that the state must pay its bills and its employees and teachers have to pay theirs as well. At that point, Gov. Fallin typically would roll out a smorgasbord of untapped or undertapped revenue sources. In effect, the governor would then say, “Choose some.”  Read More...

  • January 2018 Column Winner

    Kaylea Hutson-Miller, The Grove Sun

    Life is a precious thing.
    Life, especially at the beginning, is amazing.
    Think about it. A young child enters this world a bit like a blank canvas — albeit a messy, screaming one — ready to have the imprint of its parents, grandparents, siblings and other significant folks, made on its blooming personality.
    Life is amazing. 

  • January 2018 Editorial Winner

    Some Resolutions
    Brian Blansett, Stroud American

    New Year’s is always the time for setting personal goals and aspirations, and it seems like a good time to do some for our great state, as well.
    So, in the spirit making a better Oklahoma, we offer these New Year’s Resolutions, most of which involve state government:
    1. Fix Oklahoma’s short-term revenue problems in the next Legislative session.  Read More...

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