2017 ONG Column & Editorial Winenrs

  • January 2017 Column Winner

    Kaylea Hutson-Miller, The Grove Sun

    This is a column I never wanted to write.
    As I stood at the Zena air strip, looking at the stars, I listened as Pastor Marty Dyer cried out to God. His words, echoed what my mouth could not give voice to at the time.
    We both wanted the same thing.
    A miracle.
    A friend laughing at first responders, as they came to rescue him, possibly hanging from a tree.  Read More...

  • January 2017 Editorial Winner

    Rural America trumps the new world order
    Paul Laubach, The Hennessey Clipper

    When George H.W. Bush addressed a Joint Session of Congress for his State of The Union address in 1991 he declared “A New World Order” should evolve following the collapse of the Soviet Union.
    And in many aspects a New World Order of globalization, technological advancement, and political alliances did evolve.  Read More...

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